This page explains how to use SuperElastix.

Commandline tool

The SuperElastix commandline tool can be found at:

  • Windows: <build-path>\SuperElastixApplications-build\CommandlineProgram\Release
  • Linux: <build-path>/SuperElastixApplications-build/CommandlineProgram/

Demo Experiments

To run the demo experiments SuperElastix needs to be installed:

  • Windows:
    • open <build-path>\SuperElastixApplications-build\SuperElastixApplications.sln
    • in project solution explorer right-click on InstallDemo -> Project Only -> Build Only InstallDemo
  • Linux:
    • change dir to <build-path>/SuperElastixApplications-build/
    • make InstallDemo

By building the InstallDemo target the SuperElastix executable, image data, configuration files and commandline scripts will be copied to the <INSTALLDEMO_PREFIX> directory. The <INSTALLDEMO_PREFIX> can be set by CMake and defaults to <build-path>/SuperElastixApplications-build/Demo These four scripts run the Demo experiments as described in [1]:

  • 1A_SuperElastix_elastix_NC
  • 1B_SuperElastix_elastix_MSD
  • 2A_SuperElastix_itkv4_NC
  • 2B_SuperElastix_itkv4_MSD
[1]The design of SuperElastix - a unifying framework for a wide range of image registration methodologies, F. Berendsen, K. Marstal, S. Klein and M. Staring, found at <source-path>\Documentation\source\paperWBIR16.

Library use

  • The SuperElastix commandline tool in <source-path>\Applications serves as an example of the usage of the SuperElastix library.