Mac OS X

  • Install docker

  • Install pip


    $ sudo easy_install pip

  • Install docker-compose


    $ sudo pip install -U docker-compose

  • Build elastix with ELASTIX_BUILD_DASHBOARD set to ON.

  • To fire up the dashboard server, run the following command in the Testing/Dashboard build directory.


    $ docker-compose up

    Go to http://elastix to see the dashboard.

  • Download the logstash forwarder from https://download.elastic.co/logstash-forwarder/binaries/logstash-forwarder_darwin_amd64 and run the executable with the associated configuration file


    $ curl -O https://download.elastic.co/logstash-forwarder/binaries/logstash-forwarder_darwin_amd64 $ chmod +x logstash-forwarder_darwin_amd64 $ ./logstash-forwarder_darwin_amd64 -config elxLogstashForwarder.conf

  • If you see “code:DNS lookup failure “elastix”: lookup elastix: no such host add the elastix domain and associated boot2docker ip to the /etc/hosts file. For example, if $ boot2docker ip shows you, you would the following line:

    :: elastix

  • We provide a key and certificate pair for testing purposes. DO NOT use this in production as they can be viewed by everybody (they are in public repository). To generate a new certificate, use the following command:


    openssl req -subj “/CN=elastix/” -x509 -batch -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout elxLogstashForwarder.key -out elxLogstashForwarder.crt

    Replace elastix with the domain name where you host the dashboard (e.g. elastix.isi.uu.nl). In production, point the ELASTIX_DASHBOARD_LOGSTASH_RSA_PRIVATE_KEY and ELASTIX_DASHBOARD_LOGSTASH_CERTIFICATE CMake variables to the new files in order for CMake to update the docker, logstash and logstash forwader configuration files with the new values.

Docker Cheat Sheet

  • To stop containers run


    $ docker stop $(docker ps -aq)

  • To delete containers run


    $ docker rm $(docker ps -aq)

  • To delete images run


    $ docker rmi $(docker ps -q)

  • Bash into docker container


    $ docker exec -i -t dashboard_elastix_1 bash

    where dashboard_elastix_1 is the name of the container (could be different on your machine). Persisted data is located in the /data directory and logs are located in the /var/log/elasticsearch, /var/log/logstash and /var/log/kibana directories.